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This man dedicated 4-5 years to painting the faces of 5,500 pets whose lives were lost in US shelters, equating to the number of euthanasias in ONE day: An Act of Dog

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I feel compelled to share this film with you that I watched about a man (and his partner) who dedicated 4-5 years to painting the faces of 5,500 pets euthanized in the US shelters; this figure equates to the number of dogs and cats euthanized in US shelters in ONE day. It sounds depressing, but if you watch this film, I believe a more accurate word to describe it would be inspiring. Mark Barone's project inspired hundreds of school students to create change in their own communities. His dedication and passion for his project defies belief. https://video.ket.org/video/3007480437/ http://people.com/pets/artist-mark-barone-paints-portraits-of-5500-euthanized-dogs-to-raise-awareness-about-the-plight-of-shelter-animals/ https://anactofdog.org/

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