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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM

Scrutiny on the stats behind LA Animal Services claim to have reached No Kill goal for dogs

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Posted by Nathan Winograd: "Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that, "LA reaches 'no-kill' goal for dogs in city shelters": "In 2017," he said, "the city saved 92.4 percent of the dogs taken in by city shelters, and 81.3 percent of the cats." The increasing number of dogs being saved in L.A. shelters is worth celebrating, but L.A. is not No Kill for dogs. In fact, it doesn't have a 92.4% live release rate for dogs and it certainly doesn't have an 81.3% live release rate for cats. To get there, they are excluding those who died in their kennels and other animals in their calculations. It's actually 85.7% (only 69.8% of pit bulls), and only 69.6% if you count all the cats. And you should count them all. Moreover, statistics from the best performing shelters in the nation indicate that ending the killing of all but irremediably physically suffering animals entering a shelter results in a life-release rate of 99% of the animals, too many shelters are claiming “No Kill” success when a 90% live release rate is achieved. Is it worth celebrating because it used to be lower? Absolutely. But does it indicate that only those animals who are irremediably physically suffering — in other words, those animals for whom killing really is “euthanasia” — are the only ones losing their lives? Absolutely not. And pretending otherwise continues to put those falling through the safety net at risk. Learn how to read behind the headlines: Defining No Kill: nokilladvocacycenter.org/defining-no-kill.html Calculating Live Release Rates: nokilladvocacycenter.org/live-release-rates.html" https://www.facebook.com/nathanwinograd/posts/1802975693060000

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