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Hi everyone, if you are tired of getting no response from Los Angeles Animal Services, when you find a stray or injured dog now is the time to act. PETA is exposing Mayor Garcetti and Brenda Barnette’s ludicrous NKLA claims! This action alert, along with a heart wrenching video of yet another dog left to die on the street, was posted on Instagram today. If you are on Instagram, please go to PETA’s IG account and like and share the video. Most important: PLEASE text MAYOR to 73822 on your cell phone. PETA is a powerful force. Thousands of dogs and cats are suffering and breeding on our streets and Brenda Barnette WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT: "Everyone needs to remember that if we’re successful at rounding up all the strays, it will place more crowding pressure on our shelters, rescuers and everyone else working to increase the live save rate." --B.Barnette 6/25/15 PETA HAS TAKEN UP THE CAUSE and Garcetti and Barnette cannot hide from PETA. We need to help them expose the scam of NO KILL LA. It is RKLA: Road Kill LA. Please send your text and SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS.

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