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Los Angeles (City + County) euthanasia statistics - from outcomes section of the California Local Rabies Control Activities Report, 2015 AND Department websites 2015/16 fiscal year

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LA (CITY + COUNTY), AS REPORTED UNDER CA RABIES STATS for 2015: Total dogs euthanized = 13,866 Total outcomes reported, dogs* = 80,661 Euthanasia rate, dogs = 17.2% Total cats euthanized = 39,311 Total outcomes reported, cats* = 68,566 Euthanasia rate, cats = 57.3% Please refer to the source document, attached, for verification of these figures (they are manually input here). *Total outcomes reported, minus animals collected dead LA COUNTY ONLY, AS REPORTED ON DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL CARE AND CONTROL WEBSITE (For last complete Fiscal Year 2015/16 http://file.lacounty.gov/dacc/History.pdf) Total dogs euthanized = 5,301 Total outcomes reported, dogs = 29,404 Euthanasia rate, dogs = 18.0% Total cats euthanized = 17,715 Total outcomes reported, cats = 26,513 Euthanasia rate, cats = 66.8% LA CITY ONLY, AS REPORTED ON LA ANIMAL SERVICES WEBSITE (For last complete Fiscal Year 2015/16 http://www.laanimalservices.com/pdf/reports/DogIntakeNOutcomes.pdf, http://www.laanimalservices.com/pdf/reports/CatIntakeNOutcomes.pdf) Total dogs euthanized = 2,763 Total outcomes reported, dogs = 25,834 Euthanasia rate, dogs = 10.7% Total cats euthanized = 6,012 Total outcomes reported, cats = 19,883 Euthanasia rate, cats = 30.2%

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