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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM

Bill to ban gas chambers in Utah for animal shelters failed

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A bill to ban gas chambers to euthanize pets at animal shelters in Utah failed at the end of last week. The House Government Operations Committee killed SB56 on a tie 4-4 vote. The legislation had previously attracted a majority of votes as it passed in the Senate 19-7 with animal advocates rallying in popular support of the more humane way to end the life of pets at Utah shelters using euthanasia by injection (EBI) to be the only acceptable and humane means of euthanasia. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracey opposed- citing he was against the “elimination of choice.” https://petrescuereport.com/2017/bill-ban-gas-chambers-utah-animal-shelters-failed/

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