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Public Record Request for LA County Department of Animal Care and Control showing 2015/16 budget allocated but not spent

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https://www.change.org/p/los-angeles-county-department-of-animal-care-and-control-repeal-the-laws-you-changed-which-will-kill-more-homeless-dogs-and-cats [Click download attachment to view the Public Record Request response from LA County DACC.] Extract from All About the Animals Press Release, February 2017: Jones also recalled a live radio interview she participated in back in August 2015 on KFI AM 640 along with DACC Director Marcia Mayeda, where Mayeda claimed that the problems within her network of shelters stemmed from a lack of funding; “the real cause is the funding problem, and you know the Board of Supervisors is very supportive of this Department, and they really do want to be able to make sure to provide the care that we strive for for the community. They are challenged with very strong competing priorities countywide, such as the jail issue, homelessness initiatives and so forth, and there’s not that much County general funds to go around.” Jones expressed surprise at this stance having recently uncovered via Public Record Request that Marcia Mayeda failed to spend $917,000 in the 2015/16 fiscal year which had been allocated to her Department by the Board of Supervisors for expenditure on projects deemed “short-term solutions to address critical unmet needs”. The planned projects included enclosing the euthanasia space at Carson Animal Care Center, which commenced in October 2016 and is set for completion in April 2017. Jones points out “Why did it take 14 months following approval of the funding for this critical project to get started?” Several of the projects have not been undertaken at all, whilst others are requested or underway but only 40% of the projects had been completed as at January 19, 2017.

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