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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM

Exciting new way for fosters to be matched with rescues to save furry lives

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Message from Eastwood Ranch Foundation Founder, Alison Eastwood: We are excited to announce our new project, FosterFurkids.com This new website makes it easy for animal lovers to make an immediate difference by being a temporary foster. Anyone interested in becoming a foster can sign up for free to connect with rescue groups and shelters that need temporary fosters. Fosters can set up their own profile, list their preferences, including the type of animal they want to foster, breed, age, temperament, energy level and length of time they can commit to fostering. They can also select whether they want to be a volunteer or paid foster, and set their own rates. The rescues provide the food, supplies and veterinary care, imparting no cost to the foster family. Rescues and shelters can search foster profiles by specific criteria or geographic location and send an inquiry to see whether they are available to foster a specific pet. You can also sign up to be a Pet transporter where folks transport shelter pets to their new foster or forever homes. Transporters can post their mileage rates and the distance they are willing to travel. Every year, millions of animals face uncertain futures in shelters. With so many shelters unable to keep animals for long because of constant new arrivals, fostering can mean the difference between life and death for these dogs, cats and other pets. Help us save more lives and consider becoming a Foster/Transporter today. www.fosterfurkids.com

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