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Emaciated dog found in city dog pound’s holding ‘shed’

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Counties: Jackson

https://petrescuereport.com/2017/emaciated-dog-found-city-dog-pounds-holding-shed/ A disturbing situation has been revealed at a dog pound in Jackson, Louisiana. On Wednesday morning, the Humane Society of Louisiana posted photos of the Jackson dog pound’s holding shed, and an emaciated dog who was found inside. The words which accompany the photos detail the the dog pound’s dismal holding shed: Breaking news out of the Town of Jackson, Louisiana (East Feliciana) – please look at the photo of the Jackson ‘dog pound.’ It is a windowless shed located on the edge of town. Dogs found at large are housed in this shed until they are somehow adopted (most citizens do not know of its existence) or euthanized. Emaciated dog found in dog pound's shed Additional details were released about a dog who had been picked up and held in the dog pound’s shed: Next, please take a look at a family pet, Murdock, a 9 year old Weimaraner, who was locked in this shed for several weeks by the local animal control officer. Upon his release , he was rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic. A medical exam showed that poor Murdock was severely underweight, 12% dehydrated, suffered from hookworms and roundworms and scored a 3 out of a 10 body condition scale. The Humane Society shelter stated, “This facility violates the Louisiana animal cruelty statutes and dozens of state codes for animal shelter operations.” And request for concerned animal lovers to take action: Please call Mayor Charles Coleman and demand that he close this shelter, replace it with one that conforms to humane standards and pay the medical bills incurred by the family who owns Murdock. His number is 225-634-7777

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