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Inspiring collaboration between Coronado City Police Department and PAWS who share responsibility for providing the City's Animal Services

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On November 1, 2016, PAWS of Coronado and the City of Coronado celebrated the second anniversary of their partnership dedicated to the care of Coronado’s animals. Prior to November 1, 2014, the Coronado Police Department (CPD) provided all animal services. However, an historic move to allow the public and private sectors to each pursue what they are trained to do, and each do best, was implemented. On the invitation of the City, PAWS assumed Coronado’s animal welfare responsibilities through the operation of the Coronado Animal Care Facility (CACF), located at 1395 First Street. Meanwhile, the CPD continues to provide for public safety through its in-field enforcement of our community’s animal regulations. The animal services provided by the CPD include stray and nuisance animal pick-up, assistance for sick and injured stray animals, control of biting, vicious or threatening animals, follow up on barking dog complaints, enforcement of animal cruelty laws, confiscation of fighting animals and animals left in hot cars, and lost/found assistance. For these services, one should call the Coronado Police Department at 619-522-7350 at any time of the day or night, 24/7. Animals picked up in the field by the police are transported to the Coronado Animal Care Facility where a full time paid staff receives them, tries to locate their owners and provides for their safe shelter and care. The CACF also provides lost/found assistance, licensing, a yearly rabies vaccination clinic and microchipping. The CACF is open to the pubic seven days a week, 9:00am-4:00pm. Staff can also be reached during these hours at 619-522-7371. When animals are voluntarily relinquished or found stray and not claimed, a dedicated group of PAWS of Coronado volunteers, who may be reached at 619-435-8247, goes about finding them forever homes. Each year over 500 animals are processed by the Coronado police and PAWS. That’s a lot of dogs and cats. Each side of the City/PAWS partnership has its own specific responsibilities, but both sides of the partnership are equally dedicated to making sure these responsibilities are fulfilled. Sometimes it does “take a village.” And our Village has gotten this one right. The partnership of the City of Coronado and PAWS is clearly what is best for our animals and for our community. https://pawsofcoronado.org/about/coronado-animal-care-facility/

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