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Sheltering efficiency, outcomes and performance measures

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Input Measures: * Staff Hours for Animal Control * Non-staff Expenditures for Animal Control * Expenditures for Public Education Output Measures: * Licenses Sold * Service Responses * Calls Referred to Private Service (for non-domestic animals) * Animals Impounded * Animal-Days Cared for At Pound * Animals Referred for Euthanization (Goal=0) * Animals Returned to Owner * Animals Adopted Efficiencies: * Animals Impounded per FTE * Animal-Days per FTE * $ per Animal Impounded * $ per Animal Returned to Owner * $ per Animal Adopted * $ per Animal-Day in Pound Outcomes: * Vet-Verified Domestic Animal Rabies Cases in Jurisdiction * Animals Classified as "Dangerous" or "Nuisance" per Code * Domestic Animal Bite Cases Reported per 1000 Residents * Citizen Rating (via citizen survey) of Animal Control Services * Customer Rating (via customer response card) of Animal Control Services * Percent of Impounded Animals Referred for Euthanization (Goal=0) * Percent of Animals Returned to Owner * Percent of Animlas Adopted * Average Days from Impound to Return to Owner * Average Days from Impound to Adoption * Percentage of Impounded Animals with Valid Licenses

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