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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM
By Ted

LAUNCH OF GLOBAL INITIATIVE to: 1) Make the Welfare of Dogs and Cats a Much Higher Priority for ‘Extended Pet Industry’; 2) ‘Reinvent’ Animal Control via a Major ‘Paradigm Shift’

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Tags: Solutions

DETAILS: (including the relevant URL link) As of Nov. 25, 2014, Stand Up for Dogs now has reached a substantial and increasing number of animal lovers who have exhibited a growing interest in what our several Change.org petitions are striving to accomplish. (In just 10 days, our petition re ‘Zelda’, the dog tied to a bowling ball and drowned, has been supported by signatures from over 65,000 people around the globe). Near-term plans include developing a national online interactive community, i.e. a highly participative web ‘portal’, where animal lovers everywhere can ‘brainstorm’ to share ideas, experiences… and “best practices” in their communities… so that working together, we can most quickly ‘grow’ a national grass roots effort. Then…at long last… we’ll be able to much more effectively advocate for the animal shelters and the large humane organizations to focus not only on the easy ‘low hanging fruit’ challenges but to do what is truly needed to reduce shelter overpopulation and irresponsible/indiscriminate backyard breeding – and to set the stage for much stronger animal abuse laws through focus on elevating the legal status of companion animals. http://standupfordogs.tumblr.com/post/103501118201/launch-of-global-initiative-to-1-make-the

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