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Edited on: 01/25/2019 at 11:03PM

Explanation of modified save rate published by many animal shelters

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Posted on FB by Kristen Auerbach: How do you list your save rate? There is so much confusion around this issue. We at Pima Animal Care Center, because we still accept 'owner requests for euthanasia,' calculate both our raw 'noses-in, noses-out' save rate which includes ALL animals, even the ones whose owners specifically request euthanasia for their pet and the Asilomar 'modified' save rate, which is the save rate once you back out the pets who were surrendered for euthanasia. Both pieces of information are important but many times, you only see the Asilomar 'adjusted' number. We're committed to sharing both of these data points because many times, people surrender their pets just because they aren't able to afford medical care. We save about 25% of the animals 'surrendered for euthanasia.' When people surrender a pet to us this way, we always let them know we do an independent medical and behavioral evaluation on every pet and we don't just do 'euthanasia on demand.' Every pet who comes into our care is evaluated and saved if we believe that's in the best interest of that animal. We've found that the community and the pet owners who come to us are so grateful we make every effort to find a positive live outcome for each animal in our care. Pictured here are both save rate data points for 2017. https://www.facebook.com/kristen.auerbach.12/posts/926849307474297

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