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The mission of Stand Up For Animals

We are faced with a national crisis of overcrowded animal shelters, resulting in high levels of euthanasia of pets, particularly within the open admission Government run shelters. We are embarking on a National Shelter Reform Initiative with the aim of uniting and empowering local communities, animal control agencies and officials to effect change, reduce the need for killing and promote more humane care for pets whilst in the custody of shelters. Our online interactive web portal will focus special attention on curbing the source of shelter overpopulation/intake and greatly improving shelter operations; replacing one-shelter-at-a-time reform with broad, coordinated, and simultaneous reform supported by animal advocates in local communities all across the U.S.; providing forums, topics and discussion threads for broad two-way exchange of ideas and experiences (with optional anonymity); and, to build a searchable repository of information, shelter “best practices” and methods to successfully drive change. Together, we will stand up for animals.

Stand Up for Animals is a joint initiative between Stand Up For Dogs and All About the Animals

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